Rachel's ebkinz Themed Birthday!


My daughter just turned 10 and we planned an awesome fun filled Webkinz themed birthday party.  I want to share my ideas with all of you so you can have the fun that we did!   When the guests arrived, they were welcomed by a large poster of "Today's Activities"  The first one being, "Make your own Crown of Wonder".  I purchased the crown kits from Oriental Trading. 



The guests then made their own cape for their Webkinz pet that I had them all bring to the party.  (I pre-made birthday hats for the Webkinz that each guest was told to bring) I purchased some felt that I cut to size to fit each Webkinz and let each guest decorate their own with different items.  I threaded ribbon through the top to tie it around the neck of the Webkinz.  



We then had a double knock out "Rock, Paper, Scissors" tournament where the winner received a prize (candy beads).  Then we played our own version of "Operation Gumball" where I purchased a small gum machine and counted how many were inside and put them back and had the kids each guess how many were in there.  The closest guess won the gumball machine and everyone else got a pack of gumballs. (I got this idea from another online website) We then had a "Gem Hunt".  I made homemade play-doh (I have a great recipe thatís not sticky!)  I bought "gems" from the dollar store along with a small magnifying glass and hid the gems in the play-doh for the guests to pick a part and find. 



Now for what ALL the kids LOVED!   My dad (a Mr. handyman) made a real life "Wheel of WOW!"  (see the pic below for how wonderful it is!)  I put different prizes on it (including real life Webkinz exclusive items from my own account and sent it to the winners accounts). I also put a black cat Webkinz on it to win, a couple of Webkinz bookmarks , some cute prizes that I had wrapped up as mystery prizes, and we even had Blue Gak! (I bought the blue Scooby Doo applesauce and made a stick on out of card stock that had the blue gak logo on it and taped it on the applesauce, see pic below)  



I had a wishing well that I made out of a bucket and construction paper and such and bought some plastic fruits to put in the "wishing well" and I gave them each chances till they win to pull out 3 fruits at a time to get a match of 2 or more (dollar store prizes of all the same kind).  This was also an idea from another website.  We played our own version of "Lily Pads" where I had the kids play Twister with 2 teams of 4, then the winners of each game played each other and we had a first and second prize winner. (1st and 2nd place ribbons from dollar store with small prizes to go with them)  Then I gave them all an "Extra spin of the Wheel of WOW" and each won a prize.  



I made my own "Where's Wacky" where I made 3x3 cards of Webkinz pics on card stock and we played a match game.  We played until each person made a match. The prize for the match game was a bag of candy with "kinzcash coins" attached (I bought the gold chocolate bagged coins and tore off the tag)   The party finished up with a Quizzy's Word challenge just for fun.   I went online to a make your own word search which I did with Webkinz words! My daughter was allowed to have the girls sleepover, so I made them all "W" hats with sparkle glue too! 



The cake was a Wheel of Yum cake which I made myself (see pics!).   For the goodie bags, each guest was given the Pet of the Month for Feb. (since the party was given towards the end of January).  The goodie bag contained a Webkinz Cow along with a Webkinz bookmark, a ring pop, and a toy turtle that grows 600% it's size when put in water.  The guests really had a great time!  I hope I've inspired you all for your Webkinz party!  



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